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Value Added Services

Partnering with JA Benefits means gaining access to a vast array of tools and the most up-to-date information on actuarial statistics, legislation, policy, and the benefits plans that support your business. Read more about these services below.

Current clients may use the links below to access these services. You will need a login and password to access protected services. If you do not have a login and password, contact JA Benefits and we will assist you.

Benefits CFO

JA Benefits is a proud member of a broker consulting services group. Only one outstanding agency in each geographic market is selected to participate in the Benefits CFO group. Through this strategic relationship we are able to provide our clients with unprecedented actuarial services and deliver services to mid-sized companies that are typically only affordable for large national firms. Our unique arrangement with a leading actuarial group makes these sophisticated actuarial services available to your company at costs comparable to those you are currently paying your broker or insurer.


The Zywave network encompasses a nationwide network of employee benefits, property and casualty brokers/consultants, and third party administrators who have joined together to improve client relationships by offering creative, high-impact solutions through the use of information, technology, and online services. Through this partnership, JA Benefits can offer you a strong local market presence and a national perspective to meet your specific employee-benefits needs.

MyWave™ Portal

All JA Benefits clients receive access to a personalized website called the MyWave Portal, designed to offer time-saving tools and resources that build convenience into managing your everyday work tasks.

The MyWave Portal Community section networks our clients with a vast, knowledgeable group of colleagues from all over the country. Through the MyWave Portal, users can share resources and information and discuss industry topics in the community forums. Topics include Compensation, Employee Relations, HR Development, HR Management Topics, Recruitment, and Risk Management.

MyWave Portal’s two-way document posting capabilities allow a seamless exchange of information sharing and collaboration. JA Benefits clients can download and share documents, make updates, and track a document’s history.

Click here to login to your MyWave Portal

MyWave™ HR

MyWaveHR is a feature for your company’s human resources and benefits personnel. It facilitates efficient and easy communication between JA Benefits and our clients. It provides a vast array of information regarding human resources topics, such as legislative information, employee communications, industry-related websites, and consumer-related information. MyWaveHR’s Resources feature supplies our clients with a variety of insurance, employee benefits, and human resources websites and articles, all in one convenient location.

Legislative Briefs

The Legislative Briefs are our clients’ guide to an exclusive set of comprehensive guides to federal legislation. Complete guides include COBRA, HIPAA, HIPAA Privacy, Section 125, and FMLA. Within each guide, sections include Related Articles, Q & A, Forms, and Quick Reference.

MarshBerry Partner Exchange Networks

MarshBerry’s Partner Exchange Networks are exclusive best practice and benchmarking forums for communication among executives from qualified agencies selected for partnership. The networks include Agency Peak Performance EXchange (APPEX), a network for agencies strongly committed to improving agency operations and efficiencies. Partnership in this exclusive network provides a unique opportunity to confidentially discuss common issues, exchange successful operating strategies, uncover solutions, and develop action plans in an effort to help each other improve performance. Partner benefits also include access to a wealth of MarshBerry information, systems and perspectives.

Documents on Command

JA Benefits provides clients with instant access to a large library of downloadable articles, including benchmark surveys, statistics, compliance and plan designs, and employee communication and education.


JA Benefits provides our clients with HealthShop, a guide for comprehensive consumer information, in ready-to-print newsletter format. Regular topics include “At the Doctor’s Office,” “At the Pharmacy,” “Home Care,” and “Your Health Plan.”


MyWave Benefits is an information center that allows you to view your company’s benefit plan information online. In MyWave Benefits, you can use the Rate Information feature, where you’ll be provided with a detailed summary of your policy’s rate information including rate structure, employee count, and rate amounts. You’ll also be able to view each plan’s basic information including effective dates, policy number, and issuing carrier. Because MyWave Benefits keeps track of prior plans in addition to your company’s current plans, you are able to compare plan information from year to year.

Schrader and Associates Services

JA Benefits' strategic alliance with Schrader and Associates adds robust HR expertise to our comprehensive benefits services. Schrader and Associates brings more than 25 years of experience in diverse disciplines such as sales, operations, manufacturing, and finance to the JA Benefits community. Whether your challenge is as straightforward as training and development or as complex as a merger, acquisition, or business integration, Schrader and Associates has the expertise to drive your initiatives forward to success.