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Custom Communications

To ensure employee buy-in, peace of mind, and effective utilization of benefits, we help your employees understand their plans and the issues influencing your benefits decisions. JA Benefits is committed to providing you with the highest quality employee communication and education materials, all customized to your organization's needs.  

Click on any of the links below to see samples of these communication tools.

Benefits Announcements - Contains memos, flyers, and payroll stuffers that can help you announce benefits changes, new benefits or plans, or remind your employees to use certain benefits.

Benefits Education - These materials help you explain to your employees how to use and get the most out of their employee benefits plans.

Benefits Forms - Our benefits forms and questionnaires help you administer your plans and announce changes or updates.

Benefits Statements - This category provides you with benefit statement items such as a summary of an employee's benefits package showing their overall compensation including salary and benefits.

Handbooks & Policies - We can provide a full employee handbook, as well as individual policies, that you can distribute to your employees to communicate company policies or procedures.

HR Forms & Communications - We have developed several forms and communication materials for use by your human resources department.

Know Your Employee Benefits - This brochure series provides your employees with insights and information about insurance and employee benefits topics.

Live Well, Work Well - This brochure series focuses on health and wellness issues. These materials teach employees how to live healthy lives and focus on preventive care.

National Health Observances Calendar - This calendar allows you to educate and inform your employees on wellness issues throughout the year by supplying you with national health observances and "Live Well, Work Well" brochures to complement those observances.